Founded to advance and preserve Armenian heritage and identity through educational and cultural programs and promoting fellowship and awareness among Armenian communities worldwide.
    The ACF Western USA, Inc. has been at the forefront of advancing educational opportunities and providing a better environment for the preservation of the Armenian identity. The ACF Western USA, Inc. has supported countless programs that aim to preserve the Armenian Culture and heritage, yet encourage new voices in the arts, literature and performing arts. The ACF sponsors many students eager to visit the homeland by providing and creating exchange programs, youth visits and educational opportunities in Armenia. The ACF also has enabled the establishment of after-school programs and mentoring programs, summer day camps and Armenian language lessons.
    The ACF Western USA, Inc. since its founding has been a staunch supporter of programs dedicated to the youth. Contributions to the Armenian Youth Federation Camp in Wrightwood, California, have ensured that thousands of children served by the camp have the most upgraded facilities, and educational and cultural programs. The ACF been the driving force in the advancement of youth issues in the community. By sponsoring public service campaigns and funding projects that cater to youth education, the ACF has ensured the growth and development of the younger generation and empowered them to become future leaders in the community.
    The ACF Western USA, Inc. has been at the forefront of community preservation and development. Helping 15 community centers throughout the Western United States, the ACF has ensured a nexus for all Armenian organizations and activities. From Sothern California, to San Francisco, Fresno, Phoenix, Houston and Las Vegas, these community centers have become a safe haven for Armenian youth, a gathering place for families and an important conduit for community development.