As we confront the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of those who assist us will make all the difference in our success. That is why we seek your support.

We also, however, want to make sure that you benefit from making a gift to us.

How does this happen? In addition to the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have made a difference in the lives of others, the best gift plans improve your financial and tax situation, as well— often right away.

This booklet allows you to explore opportunities that combine your philanthropic giving with your own financial needs and tax planning strategies. Through creative gift planning you can secure your own financial future, as well as ours.

To design a gift that benefits the people and organizations you care about most, we recommend that you obtain the professional counsel of an attorney who specializes in estate planning. We can work with your advisors to help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today.


  • Receive a current income tax deduction

  • Avoid long-term capital gains tax

  • Increase income and effective rate of return

  • Reduce estate and gift taxes

Maximize your deduction; minimize the gift details

Afford a larger gift to the ACF Trust Fund and avoid capital gains liability

Make a gift for ACF Trust Funds future that doesn't affect your cash flow or portfolio now

Reduce high tax liability now; gain additional income later

Tap into one of the most valuable assets in your portfolio to make a gift to ACF Trust Fund

Make a gift without using existing capital assets.
Give appreciated stock or bonds held for more than one year

Include cash, specific property or a share of the residual estate in your will

Establish a deferred gift annuity

Use real estate to make your gift to the ACF Trust Fund

Create a new life insurance policy or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need

Use cash to make your gift.
Claim your deduction against a larger portion of your adjusted gross income and make an immediate impact

Buy low and give high: make a gift that costs you less than the benefit it delivers to the community, while avoiding capital gains tax

Today: a gift that costs you and your family nothing. Tomorrow: an estate tax deduction

A larger deduction and a higher income rate than other life-income gifts offer

Avoid capital-gains tax, receive an income-tax deduction, make a gift that doesn't affect your lifestyle, let the ACF Trust Fund take over the administration of selling and marketing the property

Increase your ability to make a significant gift to the ACF Trust Fund.