Are you concerned about the possibility of the government taking a huge part of the assets you were planning to leave to your heirs?

There is a strategy to pass assets to your family with a significant estate tax savings while making a gift to us. It is called charitable lead trust.

After we receive income from assets in the trust for a period of years, the principal goes to your family, with estate of gift taxes usually reduced or even eliminated.

The lead trust is an exceptional way to transfer property to children or other heirs at a minimal tax cost. It is ideal if you are willing to forgo investment income on an asset but do not want to have estate taxes reduce the principal passed to heirs.

With a lead trust, you carry out your philanthropic plans over the coming years and save on taxes.


  • Fund the trust during your lifetime or through your will

  • Support our mission through annual income payouts

  • Reduce your taxable estate and potential gift taxes

  • Keep assets in the family