Any type of asset that you irrevocably donate to a charitable organization like ACF Western USA, Inc. results in a current income tax deduction, but there may be other tax benefits from your contribution.

If you contribute appreciated securities that you have held more than one year, you have the added benefit of avoiding tax on the gain.

You can also give us tangible personal property (like an art object, prized collection or antique) and take a deduction for its full fair market value if the gift is used for our exempt function.

These are but two of the types of assets you can donate outright to us today. Using assets other than cash that allows you more flexibility when planning your gift, and there are even more potential benefits if you plan your gift creatively.


  • Receive a current income tax deduction for gifts of securities

  • Provide relief from capital gains tax with gifts of securities

  • Make meaningful gifts with donations of personal property

  • Help fulfill our mission with your contributions